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Powderhook is the most innovative 
thing happening in hunting today."
Doug Saunders
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
National Wild Turkey Federation

Powderhook PRO empowers leading outdoor brands to build awareness, drive leads, and increase sales utilizing tools that enrich the lives of their customers.


"To grow your business in a mature industry like the outdoors, you must either take market share or grow the market. Powderhook PRO helps you do both. Get in touch today and we'll show you how." 

Eric Dinger

CEO, Powderhook

No one has done more to help angling and hunting in the last year than Powderhook.”
If you guys execute this plan, you’ll change everything.”
Andrew McKean
Outdoor Life
Will Johnson
Senior Manager 
National Riffle Association


GOAL: Raise brand awareness & cultivate relationships with new customers by helping them in the Powderhook app

  • Add your employees, pro-staff, ambassadors, volunteers and more as Digital Mentors(experts)
  • We’ll push them local and regional questions to answer§ Each answer your team provides yields a display ad we can track
  • No limits – add as many people as you want
  • Unlimited exposure to our audience – the more people you help the more exposure you earn• We track impressions and clicks by the individual and company-wide


GOAL: Raise brand awareness by creating local, regional, and national posts

  • Local posts allow you to target by city
  • Regional posts allow you to target by state or states
  • Everyone who loads the app sees your national posts
  • No limits – post as often as you feel you have relevant content
  • Unlimited exposure to our audience – the more people you post helpful content the more exposure you earn
  • We track impressions and clicks by the individual and company-wide


GOAL: Raise brand awareness and cultivate a social media following from people in the hunting community

  • Utilize Powderhook PRO’s contest builder to run monthly giveaways for branded gear packages, hunts, experiences, etc.
  • Build email list for future re-targeting campaigns
  • Average contest yields 350 names/email address per $100 prize package
  • You own the list
  • We promote to our users
  • Embed on your own site or as an ad
  • Award additional entries to people who share the contest, follow you on social media, and more


GOAL: Growing social media following within the outdoor community by offering incentives  (discounts, free samples, etc.)

  • Utilize Powderhook PRO’s Incentives builder to run quarterly offers in exchange for users liking and sharing your content, following you, subscribing, joining and more
  • Utilize Powderhook PRO’s Incentives builder give current customers opportunities to earn for referring potential new customers
  • Incentivize other Powderhook PRO partners to use your products by creating offers for other PROs
  • You own the list
  • We promote to our users
  • Embed on your own site or as an ad
  • Use existing coupon codes, or create and track a new one


GOAL: Drive brand awareness & build rapport with media members by delivering informative & helpful content

  • Get your content in the right places by utilizing Powderhook’s partnerships with leading online media in the outdoor community
  • Highlight individual customer experiences with short video and imagery
  • Highlight products, services, or staff with storylines, bios, and short videos
  • Send monthly press releases informing potential customers of what’s happening and what’s new
  • Priority placement in Powderhook newsletter
  • Priority placement in Powderhook social media
  • Straight to the editors desk of leading online publications


GOAL: Take advantage of new or existing hashtag campaigns by having them automatically cross-posted in Powderhook

  • Any public, location-enabled Twitter or Instagram posts with your hashtags will be cross-posted in the Powderhook app
  • Great way to tag information content, events, or imagery
  • Choose whether or not to include your banner ad atomically
  • You choose the hashtag
  • We automatically cross-post
  • You decide to include your banner or not
  • We track the clicks and impressions
  • You use a UTM to track sales


GOAL: Increase awareness of regional events, drive traffic to event registration pages, grow event registration

  • Nearly any kind of event can be standardized and distributed through Powderhook channels including Eventful, Eventbrite, Powderhook’s website and app, etc.
  • The more eyes on these events, the better chance of filling the spots and driving awareness
  • Optional push-notifications for nearby events
  • Search engine optimization for your event registration page through high-quality backlinks
  • Visible on Powderhook map, calendar, widgets, website, app and more
  • Location-driven push notifications
  • All driven back to your event registration pages


GOAL: Give website visitors additional resources on public lands, local events, and local chatter

  • With Powderhook PRO you can embed any map, calendar, or feed from Powderhook on your own website
  • Give users additional resources around your store pages, chapter pages, and more
  • Includes copy/paste widget or API format
  • Works with nearly any website
  • No updates necessary: paste once and you’re done
  • Constantly updated via hundreds of sources

Together we are going to help create 3 million new hunters in the next 5 years.


App & Website

138,000 registered

578,000 total users

App & Website

36,000 registered

61,000 total users

App & Website

39,000 registered

77,000 total users

App & Website

28,000 registered

65,000 total users




We exist to help our partners win.

  • You need to sell more, to more people, more often
  • Exposure to new customers, and existing customers in new ways drives brand awareness
  • Early exposure can create lifelong brand affinity
  • Recruiting, retaining, and reactivating participants is everyone’s job (R3), your brand already has the expertise to make a difference – we help you tap it

Meeting consumer challenges

  • Knowledge sells, you have it and can provide it
  • Mentoring is the only solution that works to create your next customer
  • Being new is hard, together we make it easier
  • Mobile is the best way to reach younger consumers

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